Lagenda hari Rabu .

hola. hari ni? Nice. At the beginning smpai sekolah around 7 mcm tu, duduk dekat tepi tapak and baca komsas.
(Takut kalau huha huha bercakap, ada pulak yg tak suka kan) ok, then lepak dekat tapak lepas perhimpunan, awh, Farah :(

Then, habe Paper 1. OMG ! Kenapa begitu susah, soalan pertama dan kelima pun sudah salah ye . Wt? Sabar ^-^ I know Ive done my best for the second paper. Amin ! Cant wait until Geography test, yalaah wanna see did Ive done enough to score in my favourite teacher subject . Amin !;)

Sejarahh , quit confident . Well guys, wish me a huge luck for this time, at least , no more C . ;D

P:s/ Whtever? Haa okay ! WHATEVERRRRRRRRRRRR.
Mood ; I am crying just now, and after I thought about it for a while, theres no need for me cry over THAT

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