Thanks :)

Sejarah ; A
Math ; A

for the first meaningful time, :) Alhamdullilah .
Hang tuah kata : Penak aku belajaq siang malam,

Well Im hoping for the best for the next paper :
Geography (i dont know what to expect)
Science (For sure not an 'A')
BM and BI (my next 'A' target, amin)
Agama (hm)
KH (repeat the paper one more time, next 'A'. Insyallah)

Congrats to all 3 Bestarians, bcause, 35/38 students got A for Math :)
                          Rajinnians, because 17 students got A for Math.

P/s: It was an achivement GUYS , go go go
Buhbye ,

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