boredom ,

: I am a girl. *suprised =='
: I have a superduper mom and dad . *iloveyou
: I have wonderful cousins with various characters. 
: I love my 3 pairs of twins ( I mean, my baby cousins )
: I really love my heart and souls , Faizah and Syafawani
: I was born in Kuala Lumpur
: I do not have any siblings
: I love my wonderful schoolmates in SKPD
: I love my superduper boyfriends and girlfriends in ZONR1 :) 
: I love my seniours. 
: I have a crush on somebody but I ended it up when I know he loves someone else
: I love my teachers
: I love my Atoks 
: I love my uncles and aunts
: I adore MAHER ZAIN
: I am a huge fan of TAYLOR SWIFT
: I get excited about SHAHEIZY SAM all the time
: I lost my petfish which I called SHAHEIZY SAM, and now I got a new one called BABY 
: I love keychains
: I love pink
: I love black
: I love white
: I am easy to cry
: I always forget to feed my fish
: I hate ironing clothes
: I hate darkness
: I hate butterfly
: I hate being apart from my friends
: I hate the end of a year
: I love singing MILEY CYRUS'S songs
: Ohhh yahh I love facebooking and twittering and formspringing and youtubing,

; to be continued

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